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Being James Joyce

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Originally painted in 2007 it was Joyce in a brown suit, I decided to experiment and add colour to this colourless Joyce by adding bits of colour, bright contemporary portrait of James Joyce in 1928 repainted in 2017. Reference photography by Berenice Abbott, "James Joyce." The photograph depicts Joyce figure seated in an armchair, one hand resting on his lap while the arm in the lower right of the photograph is leaning on the arm of the chair. Joyce is wearing a jacket and tie, with two rings on the hand in the bottom right and a cane in the bottom left of the photograph. The portrait is ¾ view, with the subject looking to the right and slightly up. Bold colours, large brushstrokes of Joyce sitting in a wooden cafe chair with a cane. This was my first portrait of Joyce adding colour over and over to get textures and brush strokes.

Material: Oil on linen board
Dimensions: 100 cm x 120 cm x 5cm
Framed: White made of wood

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